The Book of Ages

Mistress Marion


Marion runs the Fruits of Brightvale store in the town. Her sister, Primrose, lives in Bogshot, and when she heard about the illness she was worried about her fate. She has three nieces -- Whitney, Lexa, and Chelsie. They all travelled to Faerieland to see each other once the Darkest Faerie was defeated.


I'm so worried about my sister, Primrose. I haven't heard from her ever since these terrible things started happening! I would be ever so grateful if only someone would bring me word from her!
I'm sorry to be so single-minded. It's just my sister lives where those purple clouds are.
I hear so many awful stories from the people who come into my shop. I just worry about my family!
I suppose I should tend more to my wares...
Primrose is alright?
Oh thank you! I was so worried. Here... It's the least I can give you for what you've done.
What a delight to have heard from my sister!
You are true heroes.
Thank you for everything you've done!
I'm so thankful you kept me in touch with my sister!
You truly are like the heroes of legend.
I know my family and I will never forget you!

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It is unclear if Marion is just a worker, or the owner, as an Acara runs the shop on the site.

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