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Primrose runs the Sunnyfields Fine Foods shop in Bogshot village, and lives with her three daughters, Chelsie, Lexa and Whitney. Her sister, Marion, lives in Brightvale. They were eventually all reunited when they took a trip to Faerieland.


Good day! Welcome to... ACHOO... Sorry. Why even bother to pretend. Everyone here is miserable and sick.
Oh, it's you! Thank you so much for helping with the cure!
You've brought news from Marion? How kind of you! Tell her things are much better since a pair of heroes saved us from that nasty plague! Oh dear! I should get you something for your trouble.
Have you seen my sister again? I hope she's well!
I love hearing from Marion. We get together so infrequently.
I hope she doesn't think we're ignoring her.
I'm so glad you're back! You talked to Marion didn't you? Oh thank you!
Come in! After all you've done, you're more like family!
Thank you for getting me in touch with my sister!
My children do nothing but talk about the both of you!
I think your actions may help me patch things up with my husband.

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Primrose apparently left Brightvale for Bogshot due to her husband. It is unknown why or who he is.

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