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January 5, 2005

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The Tooth Faerie is well-loved by Neopians, especially when she exchanges fallen teeth for Neopoints. Of course, some get a little annoyed when she reminds them to brush AND floss. But in the end, everyone knows that the Tooth Faerie just wants everyone to have a healthy, full set of teeth.


Be sure to brush and floss!
Oh my, I just remembered that I have a rescheduled teeth cleaning today and I'm up to compete next in the races! Could you take my place? Really try your best to score as high as you can. If you do an amazing job I'll give you this necklace, and that's the tooth! Okay, they are sooo going to kick me out of Faerieland for that last pun.
Eep! A big Grarrl just snapped at me and refused to give me his teeth, even though it had already fallen out and I would give him Neopoints for it. I hate getting yelled at! That's it, I'm going cloud racing. *sniff* Silly Grarrl.
Oh my, you really think you can beat me at faerie racing? No one beats the Tooth Faerie, but come give it a try! My sisters and I could use a new challenge around here.

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