The Book of Ages

Guildsman Guinoch


Guinoch is a member of the Market Town Traders Guild. He gives regular deliveries to Sophie the Swamp Witch. When cursed by the Darkest Faerie, he was worried that the market was collapsing.


A plague! A pestilence! The customers have fled! The market is collapsing!
But the Black Knight and his terrible Dark Knights have ruined everything!
The knights have destroyed our trade network! Without commerce, we are nothing!
These taxes from the Black Knight will bleed the town dry!
What about our profit?!
Ahem. Welcome new couriers to the Traders Guild. I need this creepy package delivered to the swamp witch in the Werelupe Woods. Oh, and for the love of money, please don't open the package -- for any reason.
Remember, as a Guild member, your word is your bond. Stick by it!
We actually need new couriers after the last ones... Hm. Maybe I shouldn't tell you.
Well, let's just say our last couriers met with unfortunate work-related accidents.
Well done, courier! Ah. You may wish to check with Fearghas when you have a moment. I think he has a package that needs delivering.
Ah, I love the smell of money in the morning.
I see an earnest recovery starting soon.
Aha! They gave you the Hunter's package!
Bet they didn't tell you it was broken, did they?
You got a place to get that spyglass fixed? I could contact my brother -- of course, he charges top dollar for his services. Oh wait! He's too busy fixing bridges.
Well done with that last delivery. Fearghas seemed happy.
Hm. I wonder if I can undercut Meridell's prices on Juppies...
Good to see goods flowing again.
You're picking up the 'special package'? That's a dangerous thing.
The last courier to try and get the 'special package' is still in the hospital.
I hear it was bandits that got our last courier -- but very special bandits.
How wonderful! A member of the Traders Guild has saved the kingdom! They'll owe us big for that...
We are the heart of the city's commerce.
I wonder what's coming up in the next shipments from Brightvale.

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