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Guildsman Griselda


Griselda is a member of the Market Town Traders Guild, who has invested in Bagguss futures in the past. When she was cursed by the Darkest Faerie, she became worried that the investment would fail and ruin her finances. She later gave Tor and Roberta a 'special' delivery contract that ultimately ended up saving Brightvale from an attempted coup.


Never again will I speculate in Bagguss futures! That dark cloud has ruined this year's crop!
Yes, the Black Knight's taxes are truly terrible.
I hope I still have some money left over after this...
I'm going to lose it all...
I'm doomed! My life savings will be spent!
I hear you're now guild members. Did you know you can accept tasks from other members? You can clean up quite a profit from some deliveries.
Do you have a saving plans, dear?
I think I can make a profit on the next shipment of Neggs...
I'm so pleased to hear you're doing well.
I'm glad I still have some money left over after that nonsense with the knights.
Hm... I think my money is still safe.
What have you there, dear? Oh! I know what's in there. A spyglass.
You know, if it's still broken, I think there's a Lupe off in Meri Acres who can fix it.
We occassionally send that farmer Lupe some side-projects to save a little cash. He's cheap but reliable.
Oh! I have a task for you now! This is a pick-up and delivery. A mysterious one. I was told to send a messenger to the tip of the Brightvale coast. There you will find a person. Introduce yourself as a member of the Guild. He should give you a package.
Have you found the customer yet? Wait! Don't tell me! I just want to know when the package is delivered.
Oh, it always makes me nervous when others are in the middle of a delivery.
This hasn't been too dangerous for you, has it? Wait! Don't tell me until you've finished the delivery.
You would not believe who I just talked to -- a herald from Brightvale! He says you saved the city! How incredible! Think of all the trading contracts we'll make.
Oh dear. I just checking my balance. It's worse than I thought. But I will get it back!
I wonder how to better protect my money.

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Griselda is for some reason identified as a Guildsman rather than a Guildswoman.

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