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Guildsman Marl


Marl is the leader of the Market Town Traders Guild, and offered to give the Guild's treasure to anyone who defeated the Darkest Knight - little knowing that Tormund would actually manage it. While cursed by the Darkest Faerie, he became very greedy with Neopoints.


Guildsmen and guildswomen! Patience please! I understand your frustration.
Maybe someone will help us with our troubles. I would give the Market Town Guild Treasure to the knight who could rid us of this dark cloud.
The money's so pretty, so shiny. I want it... I want to keep it all!
Is he gone? Did you defeat him?
Then what are you still doing here?!
He's going to get all the money. I can't stop him...
Well done heroes. For your bravery, I hereby declare you honourary members of the Traders Guild!
I was sort of hoping you'd forget that. I wasn't exactly in my right mind when I made that arrangement. But a deal's a deal, even if it was a crazy one. Here. Use it well. We'll certainly miss it.
Just so you know, honourary members of the Guild can take assignments from other members.
Guild assignments can be quite lucrative. Others only a mere pittance.
All guild assignments are paid by the person who accepts the package.
Guinoch says you did a good job. I imagine you'll get a new assignment soon.
Hm. Since the roads are now open, I'll have to make sure the trade routes are restored.
I wonder if I'll have to open trade with this new Faery people keep talking about. I hope not.
I hear Fearghas has you on a mission. Good.
When you get down to Meri Acres, make sure you say hello to Hubert. We've had a relationship with him since he visited Market Town in his youth.
A good Lupe, Hubert, and quite handy with the tools.
I hope we can help the people regain their confidence in us.
A lot of people lost confidence in the Guild during that deplorable Black Knight episode.
I'm glad we have heroes like you working for the Guild now! That should help our reputation.
Be careful on Griselda's assignment. Usually we don't openly accept deals like this. However, this offer came through very reliable sources.
I personally think this 'special package' has to deal with that whole 'Prince Tourin' mess.
Just be careful.
I overheard the Brightvale herald talking to Griselda.
You helped stop a Brightvale coup?
That's incredible. Brightvale's sure to open up more trade with us now.

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Marl is also sometimes identified as the Mayor of Market Town.

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