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Danthar runs the Market Town Armourer shop in Market Town. He is very proud of his wares. While cursed by the Darkest Faerie, he became so obsessed with that pride that he almost drove his customers away.


I create beauty! All beauty! I am an artist with the armour and what do I get? Nothing.
Ignorance all around me! Show me what you want quickly so I can be done with you!
You -- you probably think you're worth my armour, don't you? But I can tell by looking at you, you're nothing.
Choose quickly, so I can tend to your needs and be done with you.
It seems my repuatation was tarnished with my recent boorish behaviour. But let us set the record straight - if you want quality paired with comparable pricing, come to me.
I hope you appreciate some of the craftmanship placed in my wares.
Craftmanship takes time -- it always does.
I've put quite a bit of time into the works you'll find here.

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