The Book of Ages

Lightkeeper Isaac


Isaac is in charge of the lighthouse on the Brightvale coast. However, due to his size, he has been unable to reach the lightswitch in the basement and turn the light on for some time. His cousin ran the lighthouse in the past, before being sacked.


Not seen, exactly, but... well, I hate to be a bother but since you're the ones with weapons... Frankly, I think someone's lurking around in the basement... I'd check it out myself but self preservation runs high in my family.
So... Everything alright now?
Good! Good...
Come to think of it, I do remember seeing someone just past the graveyard, near the city walls. It was one of those knights. He seems quite anxious about something...
Hello young travelers! Hmm... You look like small-boned people. I have a bit of a dilemma. I'm the lighthouse keeper, but I can't get to the light switch. It's in the basement, but I've been storing supplies down there for so long, I can't find it anymore! Perhaps someone without my substantial girth could get to it...
The lighthouse isn't lit yet! Have you found that confounded switch in the basement yet?
It's an awfully tight squeeze in that basment. You know, it might be easier if you do a little rearranging with those crates.
Bravo, my young friends! Now that the lighthouse is burning bright, I can rest easy! Take this for my thanks!
Ah, the wonders of the salt air. Good for the bones, I tell you.
It's a good job, being a lightkeeper. You barely have to lift a finger to do anything... except when ships get wrecked, of course.
My cousin used to run this lighthouse. But sadly he was let go when they found out he turned off the light at night. He said it disturbed his sleep.

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