The Book of Ages

Red Jack


Red Jack is a spy working for King Hagan in a group of bandits that were planning to overthrow the royal family. He discovered the coup but didn't know who was behind it, and hoped that by bringing in the Market Town Trader's Guild, he could get work to the King before it happened.


Who are you?
Thank the seas! I've got to get this package delivered immediately.
I'm a spy for King Hagan. I've been working undercover for a year, now. I've discovered that, since Meridell's been paralyzed by those clouds, some bandits plan to take over Brightvale. Here is a record of all their plans. It has to get to the King! Look, my cover's been blown but I've set up someone to get this book. If you can get this book to Sir Kaherdin, he will get it to the King. He's on the coast, just past the graveyard near the city walls. Please get this to him -- and only him -- immediately. He'll protect the king.
I can't believe my cover was blown. I thought I was being so careful. Now all the bandits are hunting me.
I think the bandits must have an inside man. I wonder if it's that foreign prince...
If I get out of this alive, I'm going to take up fishing.

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