The Book of Ages

Sir Kaherdin


Sir Kaherdin was behind a conspiracy to remove King Hagan from the Brightvale throne. However, Red Jack infiltrated the group and informed Tormund and Roberta, who stopped the attack on the King. Kaherdin was then arrested.


Sir Knight? Lady Roberta? What are you doing wandering wandering the coast?
That's too bad.
I had hoped to keep you two out of this until it was all over.
My family has as old a claim to the throne as Hagen. It should be mine!
I'm afraid you have no choice. Take them!
I can't believe this! I had everything so well planned! I was going to take over the kingdom.
And I would have gotten away with it, too.
If it wasn't for Lady Roberta and that mangy Lupe!

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According to Kaherdin, his family had a legitimate claim to the Brightvale throne, so may also have a claim to the Meridell throne.

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