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Sevaric runs the Arena in Altador when it is used for battle competitions. He recruits challengers from the far reaches of Altador's territory to compete.


A good beginning! your reward, young one...
Are you ready for another challenge?
You will come back again, I hope.
Remember the rules. It is skill that wins the challenge, not the use of magical aids!
Captured from the remotest parts of our Empire, the deadly Ixi Barabarians. And here to challenge them, Lady Roberta and Sir Tor.
I see you understand how the coliseum works! Come inside. We've got some special challenges today.
A pleasure to see you back! We always like fresh blood in the coliseum.
And the winner is our foreign challengers, Sir Tor and Lady Roberta!
Well done! Your reward for such a grand battle...
Remember -- if your challenger can still fight, the fight continues.
For today's challenge, culled from the darkest mountains, horrible, ravening Drackonacks! Up against their ferocity, the heroes from lands beyond, Sir Tor and Lady Roberta!
Such a fine battle! Your reward is well deserved.
The rules remain the same. Use only the basest weaponry and magic until you disable your opponent.
Drawn from the depths of despair, the animated undead! And facing them down, our challengers from foreign lands, Lady Roberta and Sir Tor!
Your reward, of course... But will we see you fight for the Championship?
You know the rules by now. Good luck with your match!
Undefeated as of yet, we welcome back the Feral Werelupe Pack! And struggling to bring them down, Sir Tor and Lady Roberta, heroes from another land!
You did it! You gain the prize and title of Coliseum Champion!
Hail the Coliseum Champion!

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Due to a glitch, Sevaric never appears cured of the Darkest Faerie's curse. As such, it is unknown what he normally looks like.

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