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Tharbad is an armourer with a shop in the Bazaar district of Altador, stocking some of the finest wares in the land. He does this to finance his true passion -- sculpture. He makes many of the statues in Altador.


Welcome strangers!
Good day to you.
Though I'm saddened by the condition of the city, I still treasure what I make. Look around. You'll see.
I hear parts of the city still lack life. And yet here I am selling protection instead of making art.
Art is really the expression of one's soul. And yet there's so little time to really do it.
The funds you spend on my works will go towards supporting my true passion for sculpture.
Have you seen my latest statues? They are truly a labour of my love.
My love of sculpture, I should say, extends to the armour I make. Take a look around. You'll see!

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