The Book of Ages



Magician Cerilith runs a mote shop in the Money District of Altador, and has been an expert in motes for at least one hundred years before the original disappearance of Altador.


What's this? A customer? Good to see a customer in here.
It's been quite some time. Haven't lost any of my sparkle though -- you'll see. Best magic items in the world here.
And information -- I've got more information locked up in my head than in all the world.
For example, Kelland the Quick bears a great antipathy towards base killers and those who practice the dark arts of assassination. His token would be most useful when employed against such foes, though I'm certain he would aid in smaller ways against other opponents.
Good! You've come to just the right place - you have! I'm been the leading expert on motes for over a century!
All you have to do is find what you need, eh? We've got the best items in the world. You won't be disappointed.
So look about! You need to know anything about motes? Here's the place to find out.
And items -- you'll have to see them. Don't just stand there! Get looking!
I have been studying the power of the Legends and discovered that they may distill their potency into tokens.

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