The Book of Ages



Adale runs the Wheel of Prosperity, a chance game in the Money district of Altador.


This is the game they will be playing for centuries to come! Step up to the Wheel of Prosperity and let fate take you by the hand! Only 100 NP a spin!
My friend, you are priviledged to play this. Stop the wheel on anything but red to win. Step up to the wheel and take a spin!
The more you let your winnings ride the more you can gain!
Will you risk the storm for the promise of a great harvest?
Would you like to bet 100 NP on the wheel?
Blessings have been poured upon you! You have won back 40 NP. Do you want to keep spinning?
They say the wise know enough to get out of the rain.
Once again, heaven is tempted by the fortunate hero! Spin the wheel and let us see what destiny awaits you.
Would you like to let your winnings ride? You've won back 80 NP. Spin again to win even greater rewards!
What a blessed day! Fortune smiles on you! You're now up 50 NP! Dare you risk your winnings and spin again?
You cannot stop now! You're up 200 NP! Would you like to spin the wheel one last time for the grand prize?
We have a winner! Truly this is your lucky day! 700 NP! Enjoy your winnings!
Ah! The gods have not smiled on you today.

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