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Wisdar is a Negg-tender who runs a small shop in the Park district of Altador that sells many different types of Negg.


Welcome, my friends, to the Fruitery!
Welcome to the Fruitery, a bastion of light in these dark days.
I can't help but notice that a dark pall still floats over parts of our beloved city.
Things were simpler when the Twelve Legends were united.
Since the Twelve became Eleven, it seems like we're always under attack.
Well, good to see things are perking up!
By Fauna's grace, I was beginning to think we'd never see the end of those dark times!
I suppose business will pick up briskly now.

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Wisdar strongly resembles Florin, and on later visits to the Fruitery the game mistakenly labels him as Florin.

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