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Chelsie is a young friend of Haplo's from Bogshot village. She lives with her mother Primrose and her two sisters Lexa and Whitney. She fell victim to the Squamata plague, but was eventually cured, and then travelled with her family to meet her Aunt Marion in Faerieland.


Thank you for helping save our friend Haplo!
I think my Aunt Marion is cool.
My Mom says we can visit Brightvale soon!
Brightvale, Brightvale, Brightvale!
Have you seen the Mortogs at Haplo's races? I've never seen them hop so far!
I like to race Mortogs!
My Mortogs are the best! Only they don't win all the time because they're slow and stupid.
Wow. There's a lot of grown-ups here...
I wonder if they have any faerie mortogs...

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