The Book of Ages

Guardsman Chester


Chester is one of King Hagan's personal guards within Brightvale Castle. During Kaherdin's attempted coup, he was one of the last lines of defence.


Hail to the heroes of Brightvale!
I hope you've brought good news, my lady.
We're here to serve you, my lady.
I know the king's looking for good news, my lady.
The people of Brightvale are always indebted to the brave souls of Meridell!
It's good to know we've got Meridell at our side.
We're pleased to have a knight of Meridell, here.
Protect the king!
We can't let them take the throne room!
Long Live Hagen!
Hail to the heroes of Brightvale!
The King is safe!
That was amazing!

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