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Delina is a Dark Faerie with a difference. Rather than spells, she likes crafting, and is known as the Crafting Faerie. She loves making things, and sharing her creations with Neopia.


Oh. My friend. I've lost so much business to some rotten competitor that I need a way to entice customers back. But if we combine (ITEM) and (ITEM), I just know that'd make just what we need. I believe you'll find them in here...
My business is in trouble. Please help a faerie out.
Yep, I'm a Dark Faerie. I guess that's worth a stare or two. Okay, enough staring. Time to go find my items!
Oh you're a hero and a fine Neopian. You've saved my shop!
You found it all?! Remarkable. Now let's have a look... I see (ITEM) and (ITEM).

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The items Delina asks for are sold in the NC Mall.

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