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Adee the Chia is a well known Chia around Neopets, appearing in random events to tell newbies about site features. She eats a lot of ice cream, and as a result has started dreaming about being trapped in an ice cream factory.


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Hey guys, could you-WOAH, that one almost got me! Could you please take my place for a moment while I-AGGH! *ducks* While I take a quick break? Just keep things going for me-eeeek!... until I return? Thanks!
Ever have one of those really weird dreams you just can't seem to wake up from? Well, I could really use your help here! I don't know how much longer I can dodge these ice creams. Any assistance would be- *AHHHH!!!* -greatly appreciated.
Mmm, I love chocolate! I dream about chocolate ice cream all the time. Is that weird? That's weird, isn't it. *ahem* Forget I mentioned it. I've gotten really good at this game I play in my dream, though -- oh, that's probably really weird. *blush* Never mind.
I was going to have a nice midwinter nap, you know, one of those afternoon naps where you're all cosy and there's hot chocolate when you wake up, but then... there was this dream. Flying ice cream. Running scared. Being pelted by giant strawberries. Why can't I be normal?!
Hey, hey you! Could you just - AH! - take my place here for a minute? I need an ice cream break. What? Just because I dream about killer scoops I can't enjoy a nice snack?
Oh you're here wow, Thank Fyora! Ah, I mean, I guess I could take a few minute break while you fill in...uh, yeah just a couple minutes. Thanks so much!! *runs away*
No one knows ice cream like I do! Think you can beat me in a game of Ice Cream Machine? Pshh in your dreams! Or I guess... mine?
I live and breathe ice cream! Do you really think you have a chance against me in my own ice cream dream? Get ready to get served!

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