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The Ghost Lupe


The Ghost Lupe is the ghost of a knight who haunts Mystery Island, desperately looking for revenge for the death of his loved one at the hands of the island natives. He was the second villain in the first Defenders of Neopia series, found haunting a young Chia's just-bought house. Judge Hog apprehended him and the Ghost Lupe has since, so it seems, learned his lesson. Historians have found a diary on Mystery Island, and many of them believe that it reveals the name and history of the Ghost Lupe, being a sailor named Sylva, who looked like this:



Thanks for the win... I love fighting weak pets!!!
Are you friends with the natives? If so my sword wants to meet you!!!
Am I dreaming or are you stupid?!?
BACK OFF!!! Or feel my wrath!
Keep clear of my domain if you value your health...
I am not just the mists of your imagination...
Leaving is the only way you will survive...
You won't win so easily the next time...
Is it getting a bit cold out here?
Day or night it doesn't matter... I don't sleep.
HA!!! You will never defeat me... I am already dead!
Beware of that water, you might get electrocuted!
Do you live on Mystery Island?
Did you know that Mystery Island is haunted?

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The Ghost Lupe is the second challenge in the Defenders of Neopia Series 1. An alternate, knight form exists in some artwork, that looks like this:

The Knight Ghost Lupe

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