The Book of Ages

King Hagan


Skarl's more intelligent brother, King Hagan is the ruler of Brightvale, a kingdom filled with wisdom and intellect. If you visit him at his rather magnificent castle, you may have a chance to say the wisest thing you think of; if you impress him, he'll give you a prize.


I'm not dense, youngin'! I already knew that!
Well you're not the sharpest tack in the drawer, but that wasn't too bad.
Skarl? Pah... that brother of mine couldn't run a bath, let alone a kingdom.
Ugh, my brother found his old toy box yesterday and has been pestering me with it relentlessly. I don't have the time or patience to deal with him. Would you mind going over there and putting a wrench in his little plans? I'll give you this book he sent me for my birthday if you make a fool of him.
My troublesome brother is up to his antics again, it seems. Won't he ever grow up? I don't have time for his shenanigans today. Would you mind taking care of his intrusion for me?
I remember that afternoon like it was yesterday instead of *mumble mumble* years ago. Skarl was such a brat back then, always trying to take my cookies. Then again, he hasn't really changed...
That dense brother of mine and his obsession with food, of course he's after more of it. Send the troops, all of the troops! Do you have what it takes to stop him?
My irksome brother never seems to learn his lesson. However, I have much more important matters to attend to today. Perhaps you could repel his toy soldiers?

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