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Armin the Small was a Bori that Hannah befriended during the Hannah and the Ice Caves plot and was one of the first of the Bori race to be freed of the curse. He was also the one to deliver the blow (with his slingshot) that took down the Bringer of Night.


The Bringer is loose? The others, we must warn them!
That's if there is anyone else left...
There was once a beast, a monster. He desired all the treasure within Terror Mountain.
Hannah says that I'm the best assistant outfitter that ever was. That's really good, isn't it? I mean, it's not what I had planned on being when I grow up, but if it keeps my friend safe on all those dangerous missions, I'm proud to do it.
Hannah's off on some adventure in outer space. Without me. *sniff* She needs me; where would she be without me? Who will fold her towel? Who will watch her back, and shout "Watch out!" when the robots attack? No one can replace me as a sidekick!

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Armin is allergic to moon dust, so doesn't like travelling to Kreludor.

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