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Brianna is presumed to be a young maid who was once in service to the princess of Portal City. She often tried to cheer the princess up by gathering items from around the city.


I've been trying to cheer the Princess up for weeks now, but nothing seems to be working. I think she might be bored; she's stuck in that garden day in and day out, poor thing. Could you help me make her smile again, I can't bear to see her looking so miserable!
Thank you so much for your help. Hopfully these dice should do the trick, but you might be seeing me again soon if I can't snap the Princess out of her melancholy mood.
I'm still terribly worried about the Princess, she seems ever so distracted. She keeps drawing the same picture over and over. I can't tell what it is and she can't tell me, I'm at my wits' end! You were so wonderful last time, can you help me again?
The Princess's drawings look like colourful little balls. I wonder whether she might be trying to sketch a Gormball. I haven't seen one of those around here in years; could you find one for me?
Oh bother, I don't think that's what the Princess meant at all. She took one look at the Gormball and went right back to sketching again. Perhaps she's trying to draw Fundus Fruit instead. I think they grow in the Hedge Maze; if we're lucky they might still be in season.
I'm still none the wiser about what the Princess is drawing, but at least she ate the Fundus Fruit; she's barely touched her food in weeks. She seems happy enough sketching, maybe I should just get her some new colouring pencils. Can you track some down for me?
Thank you for your help, you've been ever so kind. These should keep the Princess busy until I figure out what she's trying to draw. It really is quite a mystery!

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As Brianna only appears in Katya's tale, it is unclear if she ever really existed.

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