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Nurse Gladys


Gladys was a hard working nurse in Portal City. She used a lot of local ingredients to combat illnesses in the population. She was afraid of Spyders.


I've got patients suffering from Neopox, Sneezles, AND Gruff Neck. I don't have the proper ingredients for antidotes. Could you get a few items for me while I take care of my patients?
Have you ever had Gruff Neck? No? Thank your lucky stars then because I can tell you it is quite excruciating. And the only thing that will cure it is Stalagmoss. I've several patients who need some immediately. Can you please get some for me?
Thank goodness. You got these just in the nick of time... my patients will be on the road to recovery straight away!
Strange, my first aid supplies seem to be a little late arriving. You were such a help last time, do you think you could get me a few more bits and bobs?
The strongest bandages are made of Spyder Silk. I'd get it myself by oh my goodness, Spyders??? I'd faint if I went into the Spyder Lair...
So sorry to bother you again but I just used my last pot of Gloomacinth Ointment and am out of the flowers I need to make more. Gloomacinths grow far baneath the surface of the kingdom in spooky nooks and crannies. Be careful!
Fantastic, you have no idea how much I appreciate your help. Hopfully my supplies will be delivered any day now, but these should tide me over.
Apparently a large crate was dropped as it was being taken off of a merchant ship down at the docks. All my boxes of medical supplies were in that crate...
You are a lifesaver. Literally!

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As Gladys only appears in Katya's tale, it is unclear if she ever really existed.

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