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Leapfoot was a young resident of Portal City who dreamed of joining the local chapter of the Thieves Guild. However, Leapfoot didn't much like doing actual crime and got local shopkeepers to fetch the items needed for initiation into the Guild. He was also afraid of Spyders.


Leapfoot here. It's been my life's dream to join the Thieves Guild. Only problem? I was raised to believe that stealing was wrong... can you help me pass the Initiation? I'll make it worth your while.
Those thieves want me to fetch them Crokabek feathers... from the palace gardens, the only place where Crokabeks grow to be gigantic and scary! I'm no warrior! Now you've really GOT to help me.
Remember me? You helped me join the Thieves Guild! I thought the Silver Apples and Crokabek feathers would be the end of it. But now I've been given a new thieving task...
Some stupid thief stashed an ornate telescope in the Spyder's Lair. They want me to fetch it but those spyders terrified me and I dropped my lucky bag of marbles right near one of their webs. You've got experience down there... can you please get my bag of marbles back for me?
Even with my lucky marbles back I still can't bring myself to go down to the Spyder's Lair to retrieve that ornate telescope. What if all the spyders aren't dead? Please help me or the Thieves' Guild will kick me out!
Now my membership in the Thieves' Guild is safe, thanks to you. And I just might get up the courage to go back down into the Spyder's Lair the next time I'm given a job to do.

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As Leapfoot only appears in Katya's tale, it is unclear if he ever really existed.

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