The Book of Ages

Apprentice Ziki


Apprentice Ziki was learning magic in Portal City. She had a long standing rivalry in her studies with Apprentice Lila. Her familiar was a Meowclops called Boris, which went missing just before graduation.


My homework is due next month and I'm nowhere near finished! Can you help me find what I need? It's very important that I get the best potion ingredients possible, I won't be beaten by Apprentice Lila again!
My magic potion won't work without some Animated Leaves. You'll have to kill the Topiary Beasts in order to collect them. Watch out, a Topiary Beast could snap your arm off in one bite and still be hungry for seconds...
I've lost my luck Teddy Bearog and there's no way I'll be able to pass my exams without him. It's bad enough that I don't have the right equipment! Will you please help me?
I hear the juciest bomberries grow in the Royal Orchard. Don't run into any guards, they'll have your guts for garters.
I can't possibly be expected to pass my exams without a proper quill to write with! The best quills are made from Weewoo feathers, can you find me one?
I think I dropped my lucky Teddy Bearog in the Hedge Maze, but it's so easy to get lost in there and I just don't have time to look for him. Will you find him for me?
My lucky Teddy Bearog! And a brand new quill full of ink! I can't thank you enough! My exams will be a breeze now!
I'm supposed to graduate tomorrow, but I don't have a proper wand and my familiar has run away. I've only had him for a few days and I'll be in serious trouble if I don't find him in time for the ceremony. You have to help me!
Any worthy apprentice knows that the best wands are made from motewood. Could you go and get me some?
Oh, poor Boris, I'm so worried about him! I saw him running into the passages beneath the city. Please go and save him, I've heard the monstrous Chigoreth lurks down there and he'll rip him to shreds if he catches him!
Boris! Thank goodness he's ok! Thank you so much for your help. Now I have everything I need for the graduation ceremony tomorrow! Wish me luck!

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As Ziki only appears in Katya's tale, it is unclear if she ever really existed.

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