The Book of Ages

Chef Quentin


Quentin was a chef living in Portal City. He often took orders from the Food Club and the royal family.


I am utterly swamped with orders from The Food Club. I haven't the time to go get all these ingredients myself. You must help me!
I'd planned to make a Chocolate Tart for Count Arnoth's birthday pastry but he's allergic! I NEED Techea fruit IMMEDIATELY to whip up something that won't make him sneeze...
I've been asked to cater a tea party for one of Queen Sallix' ladies in waiting. All they want is Passionberry Delight and I've none left in the pantry... if you don't have any in stock you must get me some pronto. The hedge maze is full of the stuff.
There's no accounting for taste. I've an order for a giant Peadackle omelette, can you imagine? I need half a dozen eggs from this floating feathered fowl... I'll have to hold my nose the entire time I'm cooking!
Now to the kitchen to whip up this awful Peadackle omelette. I'm sure they'll think it's delicious but I don't think I can bear to watch it being eaten, One should always trust a chef and not one's own taste buds.
One of my clients is a shady characters who lives in The Secret Tunnels and will only eat food that is DANGEROUS to find. I need your help getting these tricky items...
The Ixicap mushroom thrives on bones and mud. It only grows in one place in the entire city. Down in a particularly creepy part of a long abandoned dungeon... I can't bear to go down there, can you help me?
My greatest challenge yet... making Spyder Legs yummy. I'll have to use every spice in my pantry to cover that bitter aftertaste. First, though, I'll need the Spyder Legs themselves which is rather tricky.
My sources down at The Docks tell me that a special shipment I ordered ages ago was stolen off of The Hungry Jetsam and is being guarded by skeletons somewhere in the kingdom... it is part of a secret recipe so I can only tell you what the crate looks like. You must promise not to look inside!
At least now I have the proper ingredients. Let's hope my client likes what I whip up or I could disappear down into The Secret Tunnels myself!
If I can't get this order for The Dock Food Club ready in time I'll lose their business. And if you don't help me you'll lose MINE! Make this your priority...
Some little brat is demanding banana ice cream for his sleepover treat and I don't have time to make it myself... can you go round up 5 pints of the stuff down at The Pier?
I'm experimenting with a new dish I might serve The Queen if she ever asks me to cook meal for her. I need Bargella Root to make my own special spice that will impress the most.
There is simply no accounting for taste. I've just gotten a rush order from the Queen for Bilge Rat Madeira. Can you imagine? Get me 4 bilge rats from the Pride of Maraqua and please don't ask me how it turns out!
You are lucky you found the ingredients I needed because I'd certainly take my business elsewhere if I wasn't satisfied. Keep up the good work or else!

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As Quentin only appears in Katya's tale, it is unclear if he ever really existed.

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