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Vincent was a young Acara living in Portal City. He was trying to win the love of Olivia with little success. Eventually he moved his affections onto Pansy, who accepted his proposal and the two married shortly after.


Ah, Olivia, you are the sun that lights my morning sky... Sorry, I got a bit carried away there! I'm in love with this amazing woman and I just can't stop thinking about her. I know she loves me too, but I need you help wooing her.
I managed to express my feelings for Olivia in just 17 pages of poetry. It was quite a challenge, let me tell you! Trouble is, the pages blew away in a giant gust of wind. Could you find them for me? I know she'll come running into my arms when she reads it!
Olivia accidentally ripped my poem into confetti. She can be so careless sometimes! I'm going to win her heart with a dozen red roses instead. I hear there are some beautiful varieties in the royal Hedge Maze, could you pick me some?
Oh, that Olivia! She mistook the roses for mulch and used them on her vegetable garden. I think she's ready for a serious commitment. Can you find me an engagement ring?
With all these romantic gestures, Olivia can't possibly turn down my proposal. Wish me luck, I'm off to get engaged!
I've met the woman I'm going to marry! Her name is Pansy and I've written her this amazing poem! I want to propose, but Olivia accidentally flushed my engagement ring down the toilet. Can you help me get it back?
Poor Olivia was always so accident prone! She accidentally dropped my ring into the toilet and then tripped and hit the flush handle. Would you find it and bring it back to me?
Brilliant, you found the ring! I must propose immediately while Pansy still has all 26 pages of poetry fresh in her mind!

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As Vincent only appears in Katya's tale, it is unclear if he ever really existed.

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