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Taranell was a resident of Portal City, and was involved in crime and smuggling - often getting other residents to do her dirty work for her. She eventually had Silus the Swindler killed, and proceeded to wear his eyepatch as she took over his smuggling operations in the Docks.


I need a few bits and pieces to help me... negotiate a business arrangement. I heard on the grapevine that you were the best person to ask. It might involve a small amount of personal risk, are you up to the challenge?
Some... family heirlooms were recently stolen from me and I don't take kindly to thieves. I'd retrieve them myself, but I'd be recognized as soon as I set foot in the thieves' lair. Can you get them for me? You'll probably have to dispose of a few of them scoundrels, they won't hand them over without a fight...
I'm expecting a special delivery this afternoon, but I don't have time to wait for it. Could you do me a favour and collect it? Whatever you do, don't open any of the crates, or you might live to regret it!
I have a... prest problem that I need to deal with. Could you fetch me a few vials of venom at your earliest convenience? The sooner I get rid of these... pests, the better!
Thank you for your assistance, I am much indebted to you. Now that I have the items I need I'm sure my... business associates will be far more willing to negotiate.
It's time those scurvy dogs knew who was boss around here! I'm taking over this town and I need your help to do it. Are you with me?
Killing the giant tentacle beast should convince those insolent fools of my bravery. They won't just take my word for it though; we'll need proof that the beast is dead. Can you slay it and bring back some of its tentacles?
Deep within the Fungus Cave is a special kind of lichen. When made into a tea it puts you to sleep. Since I have so many enemies, this could come in VERY handy for me. Get me six and I'll pay you handsomely.
Silus the Swindler has been a thorn in my side for far too long. It's time he took a trip to Davy Jones' Locker. After you've killed him, bring me back his precious gemmed eyepatch. When people see me wearing it, there will be no doubt who's in charge!
Vengeance is mine! And it's just as sweet as I predicted. I must hurry back before one of those lowlifes challenges my leadership. Thank you for all your help, your loyalty will not be forgotten.

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As Taranell only appears in Katya's tale, it is unclear if she ever really existed.

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