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Rowley ran the Portal City book club. He liked spooky stories, but his wife, Heldabrawn, didn't like them.


I'm Rowley and I run the local Book Club. Unfortunately my regular book supplier is resting at home after a giant Slorg mistook him for lunch. I was wondering if you'd help me find the books I need?
The first book we will be tackling is a classic scary book called "Spooky Stories." I assume since you are not a bookstore that you do not have it in stock. Do you think you could track it down for me?
"Spooky Stories" was SO spooky that my wife Heldabrawn fainted into her cup of tea. We've decided to read something that interests her. Would you be so good as to get me a copy of "BIRDS!!!"? Wonder what it's about...
"BIRDS!!!" was so boring I decided to delve right back into utter horror! I want to read "Even Spookier Stories" and scare myself silly...
"It Came From The Sewer" is a book I've searched far and wide to find, never having any luck of any kind. This terror trove would be a feather in your cap if you could find it...
My book dealer is back in his shop after the giant Slorg incident but I will be sure to think of you if he cannot find what we need. Much obliged.

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As Rowley only appears in Katya's tale, it is unclear if he ever really existed.

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