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Tiffle lived in Portal City. He earned pocket money from some weeding, and wanted to spend it on toys.


Hi, I'm Tiffle. I helped my Mum weed our garden and she gave me pocket money and said I could buy whatever I wanted with it. There's so much to choose from - I don't even know where to begin! I don't think I see anything here in the shop that I really want, though...
I know what I'll get! I have six Shoyru warriors and they need an army to fight. Can you find me some of those hand-carved Toy Soldiers that are the latest thing?
I still have enough money for a couple more things. My friend let me borrow his yo-yo and I almost got it to walk the dog. Do you think there are any in the city?
I collect superheroes and I heard that there is a Mega Kougra that just came out. Oh wow, that would be the best toy ever. Do I have enough money left over for that?
I can't wait to get all these toys home to play with... I won't be bored for at least a whole week with these. If my Mum needs any more chores done, I'll come back and buy some more fun stuff! Thanks a bunch!

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As Tiffle only appears in Katya's tale, it is unclear if he ever really existed.

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