The Book of Ages

The Spider Grundo


The Spider Grundo was an experiment of Doctor Sloth's, originally just another Grundo working on the Space Station. When the good Doctor revealed his intention to use one of his slaves to experiment on, he grabbed one and started turning him into the Spider Grundo. When Sloth forgot to add some Mind Control Dust, the Grundo broke loose and escaped from the Space Station, finally making his home in the Haunted Woods where he still resides today.


Shall we start?
Hehe, you sssshould get ssssomeone to help you!!!
Try to get out of MY web!!!
You will NEVER get away from me!
You will make a nice ssssnack for my sssupper...
What an ugly pet!
You are sssoo pathetic...
Dont get too tangled up...
Now where is my butter?
Lonely? No, I get visitors for dinner all of the time!
You are ssssuprisssingly weak...
One day a Meerca ventured into my web... he was very tasty indeed
Let's see how you do against this!
Did you get ssstuck in my web?
You will regret messing with me!
Just you wait till next time we fight!
No one spins a web like I do, no one! You think you can tangle webs with me and not suffer for it? I'll let you go on one condition: you manage to beat me at a game of web spinning. *cackle*
No tasty morsel escapes my web, and there are none other that can compete with my abilities. You dare to challenge me? I'm afraid you will only get yourself into a very sticky situation

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