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Percival T. Wanderwart


Percival, commonly known as PT, was a famous adventurer and grandfather of Rufus - he took the latter on his first expedition. He is perhaps best known for writing Percival T. Wanderwart's Guide to Modern Adventuring - a numbered list of rules reaching at least 7407.

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Known rules contained within Percival's book are:

  • Rule #1: If you plan to make a start, buy supplies and look the part.
  • Rule #27: To get right to a culture's heart, learn about it through its art.
  • Rule #48: Free is as free does.
  • Rule #157: A sip from an unmarked vial can be vile!
  • Rule #572 and a half: Never make a monarch mad because the end is always bad!
  • Rule #894: If you scratch for a prize, it could be your demise!
  • Rule #1242: When you think you've got it beat, history will soon repeat!
  • Rule #3942: If the day seems way too long, treat your brain and play Kou-Jong.
  • Rule #7406: Many a lesson you've yet to learn, if every stone you seek to unturn.
  • Final Rule: When you come to an end, begin again!

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