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Kyruggi is the leader of Tyrammet, a small village in the Tyrannian Jungle, not to mention the whole of southern Tyrannia. She's the Grand Elder of the six Tyrannian elders.


What? You think this club is just for waving around? I can smash rocks with this thing! Just because Grarrg is the Battle Master doesn't mean I don't know how to put up a fight. Why do you think Grarrg is second in command anyway? Heh. If you think you're so tough, go smash more rocks than I could on that wall over there.
You didn't think I was only good at smashing things with this club, did you? I may be an elder, but I know how to drive. Get behind the wheel and let's get smashing!
WE MUST STOP THIS MADNESS! Tyrannians are simply hysterical (and rather unhelpful). On behalf of the Council, we need you to help clear these boulders and restore Tyrannia to all its glory!

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