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Team Faerieland

Team Faerieland

Unfortunately, even with their abilities of flight, Faerieland is infamous for its tendency to lose rather than win. The team has tried every method of getting good luck that they can, but to no avail. For the sixth Cup, they changed their symbol. It used to look like this:

The old Faerieland shield

In the run up to the 2012 Cup, the team took a six month road trip around Neopia visiting seven lands. It has been rumoured that the team was cursed by a Faerie to be unable to win a tournament until at least 2027.

More Information

Team Faerieland participated in the Altador Cup from 2006 to 2022. For an unknown reason in the 2012 NC area, their team colours were depicted as pink and blue.

Best placement: 4th (2016)
Worst placement: 18th (2019)

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