The Book of Ages

Shadow Usul


The Shadow Usul is a villian who wanders around only at night. Not much is known about her, other than a rather vicious character. Avoiding the dark seems to be the best that you can do.


Shall we start?
Hehe, better luck next time!!!
I know all that you do...
Try and escape!
You will never find me...
Night is coming soon. Beware!
Wow, I'm impressed. You actually won!
Fight. There isn't much else you can do right now.
You wont defeat me...
The sun comes and goes but there are always shadows...
You think that puny light will find me? HA!
Ive been watching you for a long time...
Poor, poor Edna... she really isn't very talented, is she? Of course, finding her way through the darkness when her shadow doesn't cooperate must be very hard... heh. But I do love to watch her squirm!

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There is a random event featuring the Shadow Usul, where it takes away an item from your inventory. She has a level 39 Snomorg named Harlin.

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