The Book of Ages

Commander Garoo


Commander Garoo is one of Doctor Sloth's top subordinates. He's a mean, ruthless Blumaroo that doesn't care much about who or what he has to find, beat or take in order to keep climbing the ladder, really.


So this snivelling little shrimp thinks they can beat me, eh!
Pah! Was that supposed to hurt?
I will go easy on you, pray I do not change my mind...
Ha Ha Ha... my master eats brats like you for breakfast!
I will not fail you master, this infidel will be dealt with swiftly.
You foul smelling wretch, I have wasted far too much time with you already...
Choose your next move carefully, it may be your last
You wretched, snivelling, puny individual, get out of my way!
You cannot win, give up now!
Ah now young Neopet, you will die!
Fool! You may have won this battle, but I shall win the war...
I have decided to spare your life this time, now get out of my sight before I change my mind!
Sloth wants to know what's behind this door, so you're going to help me open it. Understood? Alright then, what are you standing around for? Open it!

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