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Grarrg is the commander of the Tyrannian troops who defended the land against the Monoceraptor and his invaders. He's Grand Battle Master of the six Tyrannian elders, a very fearsome opponent for those wishing to challenge him in the Battledome.


Let's fight!
Next time practice more!!!
Omelette makes you big and strong... just like me
AWW! Did you get burned?
HA, you think you can beat me... Think again.
This is just the beginning...
Maybe this will teach you some respect...
You are a good warrior!
Why did you ever come to Tyrannia?
Win or lose, I'm not afraid of a good fight.
You're easier to beat than that Purple Megalith!
What do you say when you meet a two-headed Grarrg?
You don't belong here!
I think you should have made more of an effort to help us out in the Tyrannian War...
Watch out for my rings of fire!
You are truly pathetic...
Nothing's going to stop me. Not even you.
I am the one and only Battle Master!
Are you ready for a smashing good time? If so, then head over to Tyrannia and see if you can beat me. I'm in the mood for some friendly competition... as long as I don't lose.

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