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Gravella, sometimes called Vella, was the intern for the Royal Physician in the Palace. She often hoped her superior would die so that she would be able to take his place and stop running errands.


Hello, I'm Gravella and I've almost completed my medical studies but for the moment I'm nothing more than an errand girl for Royal Physician Durik. He's old and doddery and won't be around much longer. Then I'll get my shot...
This recent outbreak of Neopox has everyone scratching up a storm. One of the best ways to reduce the itchy areas is to lay a poultice on them, using sea foam. It doesn't smell too good but it really does the trick...
A smaller version of the Spyders that lurk under the kingdom have been biting citizens left and right. Durik believes that the larger Spyder's venom will provide an antidote. The venom is in a silk pouch spun by the spyder...
The Master of the Royal Guard just complained of a tummy ache afer eating too many Mummified Carmas. What did he expect??? Anyway, I've got to gather the twisting vines that Durik needs to treat him... unfortunately, they only grow in one very unpleasant place.
I cant get too excited about this task... I want to be treating patients, not running errands. But someday I'll come back here as a doctor and put together my own medicine!

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As Gravella only appears in Katya's tale, it is unclear if she ever really existed.

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