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Sabre is the guardian of the Giant Omelette in the Tyrannian Plateau, not to mention the head of the Strategic War Division of the Tyrannian troops. Those strategising skills were put to good use in the old Tyrannian war, but recently he's only bothered by people who would take a second piece from the omelette in a day.


Let's fight!
HA, I beat you!!!
This will teach you to mess with Sabre-X
This is getting tiresome, why dont you just lie down and admit defeat...
Come on you wimp, fight!
Have some!
Haha, is that the best you can do???
Your puny weapons arent going to harm me...
Good job!
I defeated the Rock Beast in a single swipe... you wont stand a chance
These Petpets are surprisingly good tacticians! Very impressive. Perhaps we should recruit them? Oh dear, I fear those Meepits have something evil in mind, though. Why don't you go give that poor Feepit a hand?

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His three rules are:

  • No jumping or bouncing on the Giant Omelette.
  • Only once slice of omelette per visitor per day.
  • No folding up your omelette slice and wearing it as a silly hat - that goes for you, too, Grarrg!

He has a level 25 Reptillior named Fang.

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