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The Brain Tree


The Brain Tree has lived in the Haunted Woods for a very long time and is known to give rewards to the Neopians who complete his quests. Usually he wants to know when and where certain Neopets have died. To get the answers to his questions quests from the Esophagor must be completed. He is engaged in a long battle with the Beast that lurks behind him, and often has scars for encounters with it. He bears the burden of the scars in order to protect Neopets from the evil of the Beast. In the first Defenders of Neopia series, he attacked a pair of Neopets for trespassing.


Oh! Do you want to fight me?
I am the smartest being, you didn't stand a chance!!!
Eat these splinters!
I will dangle you from my branches...
You don't want to know what happened to Sophie Brooglemeister. You really don't.
After I defeat you, your name will go down in my records. Hahahaha!!!
You'll never win like that. What's your problem? Acara got your tongue?
You puny Neopets live such short lives...
Face it already... my brain is bigger than yours.
Why don't you do my quests more often?
Will you answer me this question? Why are you even trying? I am the greatest mind in all of Neopia!!!
Take my advice, stop while you are ahead...
You couldn't even break one of my branches if you tried...
I've never told anyone this, but Dr. Sloth comes to me for advice.
Many have tried to defeat me but they failed...can you succeed?
You won this match, but do you think you can beat me again?
Get OUT of my woods!
You are too stupid to beat a genius such as me!
You call that a move? Hahahaha. This couldn't be any easier.
You know I've insured this brain of mine for 100 Billion NPs, so hit me as hard as you can.
Do you know who died on Umbuku Island?
Knowledge equals power and that, my friend, is why I'm going to beat you.
That's all you've got? You're smarter than that! You know those two moves don't work well together. C'mon! Don't embarrass yourself like that.
Ouch, please watch this gigantic brain of mine.
You may have strength, but you will never out smart me...
Little Neopians, the Haunted Woods are mysterious and filled with magic and secrets. It is disguises you need and you must find the backgrounds that will magically transport you to where you want to be. Search the woods with open eyes, diligence, and persistence and you will succeed. Don’t let the lost faeries distract you with their tales. They will stop you and the evil will use your energy and knowledge to leave the Haunted Woods and spread through Neopia. Good luck Neopians on this most perilous quest!
Don't be a fool! Some monsters are both old AND new!

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