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January 28, 2004

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The ghost of Eliv Thade is one of the Haunted Woods' more notorious undead characters. He's most well known for centering his [after]life around anagrams; writing them, talking in them... it's believed that he was driven insane by them, when one of his servants presented him with a puzzle he could not solve.

He's also the author of Grimoire of Thade, a Battledome item; in it, he wrote down all of the puzzles he ever devised, and it's quite a thick book. The last person to read that book apparently made it to page two before going insane him or herself.

In a background featuring Thade's castle, there is a portrait of a Kacheek that may be a representation of Thade when he was still alive:

A portrait in Thade's Castle

Another portrait found in hanging in Thade's bed chambers in the game itself offers a possible different look at him during life:

A portrait in Thade's Castle


Everything is a game. A vile, evil, delightful game.
I teb oyu tancon pescae ym uoshe!
You can't evade the Thade!

More Information

Even Eliv Thade's name is an anagram. If you unscramble the letters properly you can find Evil Death. He is a member of the Awakened.

Thade appears to have a portrait of an unknown Kau hanging in his kitchen:

A portrait in Thade's Castle

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