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Mina was a young socialite in Portal City. She dreamed of having the lifestyle of a Queen, and set her sights on the Prince to achieve this. She maintained a rivalry with her sister, Tina, though Mina was far more ruthless - willing to condone theft and even murder to get what she wanted.


Eeek, I've been invited to the Royal Ball! It's my big chance to impress the Prince and live happily ever after in his swanky castle; you have to help me look my best!
The girls at school have been talking about an extremely rare, diamond-encrusted ball gown that arrived at the docks this morning. The Prince won't be able to take his eyes off me when he sees me in it; you have to get it for me!
Diamond-encrusted dresses certainly don't come cheap! But I can't look like a common pauper; I'll need jewels as well. Do you think you can steal some for me? You'll probably have to kill a thief or two, they won't hand their treasure over lightly. I know it isn't very ladylike, but snagging a Prince is a competitive sport around here.
Almost perfect... but there's still something missing. Aha! I need shoes! I've seen the perfect pair of diamante heels down at the pier. You'd better hurry; every lass in town wih an invite and a pulse will be after them!
The Prince's jaw is going to drop like a steel trap when he sees me in this outfit! Thank you for your help, I'll be sure to remember you when I'm living in that big fancy palace!
The ball was a complete disaster! The Prince barely noticed me in my glittering ball gown. Me! The good news is that he didn't notice my sister or any of those other simpering fools either, so I'm still in with a chance. I obviously need to try harder to win his affections though and I'll need your help.
I read somewhere that the Prince has a taste for fine confectionery. Can you find me a box of Whipplenuts? When I manage to sneak into the palace and leave them on his pillow with a handwritten note, he won't be able to resist me any longer...
I can't believe the Prince didn't reply to my handwritten note! I must have accidentally smudged my signature. Never mind, I have plenty of other ideas. Can you get hold of a Brown Weewoo? I'm going to teach it a song that I wrote especially for my handsome Prince. That sweet warbling will have him running into my arms!
The sweet warbling drove him away! He fled into the gardens, muttering something about his poor sister. Aaargh, sisters are the bane of my life! I need something that will really get his attention. Can you find me a set of paints? It's time to show the Prince my artistic talents...
Perfect! I'm off to paint the Prince in his best light. It's so sad when people have no self-awareness, don't you think? No matter, soon the Prince will forget whatever is bothering him and focus all his attention on our blossoming romance. Keep an eye out for the wedding invite!

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As Mina only appears in Katya's tale, it is unclear if she ever really existed.

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