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Tina was a young socialite living in Portal City who dreamed of becoming a Queen, setting her sights on the Prince to achieve it. She had a rivalry with her sister, Mina, though Tina was far less ruthless in her attempts.


I believe you acquired an outfit for my sister for the Royal Ball. MY OUTFIT! That sneaky little witch stole my dress and now she's going to try to steal my Prince too. Since this is all your fault, the least you can do is to help me outdo her on the big day.
I've heard that the Prince loves the smell of Blue Fan Flowers. If I can crush some into perfume in time for the ball, he'll be too busy following my irresistible scent to event take a second glance at my backstabbing siser! Take a weapon in case you need to dispatch any malevolent statue; they have a tendency to come to life and attack...
According to the gossip columnists at The Portal City Times, the Prince prefers his ladies to have a healthy glow. If you fetch me a few Hedgeberries, I can crush them into a rosy-coloured blush that will give my complexion a radiant bloom. My sickly-looking sibling won't know what hit her!
Great! Now I just need to find an outfit in time for the ball -- no thanks to you. At least I found out about my sister's treachery in time to stop her conniving plan. When the Prince declares his love for me at the ball tonight, she'll just have to accept that he's mine!

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As Tina only appears in Katya's tale, it is unclear if she ever really existed.

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