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Firruk was a squaddie in the Palace Guard. He was often sent on errands by the Master of the Guard. He shared his master's hatred of the dungeon master, Gulgo, but to a lesser degree.


I'm Firruk, lowly squaddie for Kelran, Master of the Guard. My master and Gulgo, Master of the Royal Dungeons have been involved in a "friendly" rivalry for years...
Kelran knows Gulgo has a sweet tooth... he wants me to disguise two Spyder legs to look like licorice and put them on a platter outside Gulgo's door.
Kelran will be so pleased. Gulgo, on the other hand, might get a mouthful of "ewww"!!!
Let's see, where were we? Kelran got Gulgo, Gulgo got Kelran... Kelran's turn! Things are about to get out of hand!
Gulgo hoards his war medals down in a horrible tunnel. Stealing them would be a huge insult to him.. that's what Kelran wants!
Hahaha! Kelran is a genius! Gulgo won't know what hit him!
Kelran is furious. He sat in a bucket of sewer slime and wants to up the ante on his ol' pal Gulgo.
He wants me to rig an old achor to drop on Gulgo's head. I'm starting to get worried...
I must admit that even though I've always hated Gulgo, I kind of hope this doesn't work.

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As Firruk only appears in Katya's tale, it is unclear if he ever really existed.

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