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Volander was a dim-witted sentry in the Palace Dungeons. He was often sent on errands by his master, Gulgo.


Volander no understand. Gulgo Master of Royal Dungeon want me feed to Kelran Master of Guard guffbeans to make his stomach make bad noise in front of Queen? Me confused.
Guffbeans grow only in scary tunnel. Me too scared go in tunnel. Get guffbeans for Volander or me smoosh you head.
Me go feed to Kelran now. Gulgo no kick Volander now. Volander grateful to you.
Gulgo know Kelran try to steal treasure. He happy treasure monster attack but Gulgo also outraged. Want Volander booby trap Kelran's chair with bucket of sewer slime...
Volander tough. But Volander HATE junkyard. Too scary. You go.
Me go fix chair to break. Kelran go plop into bucket of sewer slime. Me laugh then.
We simply cannot take this anymore. But we have a plan to end this crazy prank rivalry once and for all!
Kelran and Gulgo both love Pickled Grumblebugs for snacks. We send them as gifts, each offering a truce to the other!
Now our Masters will be the best of friends! Let's hope they never find out the truth...
Pickled Grumblebugs trick worked. Now bosses good buddies. But wish things back way used to be...
Get Forgetful Fungus. We give to Masters. They forget they are friends. They start pranks all over again. Me happy. If no, me smush your head.
Thank you! Masters now go back to prank-loving ways.

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As Volander only appears in Katya's tale, it is unclear if he ever really existed.

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