The Book of Ages

Farmer Haffaklax


This Symol owns Haffaklax farm, and is the first resident of Petaria that Fluffy meets on his journey. His fields are often attacked by wild Scamanders, and he finds himself outnumbered as his son, Haffatum, ran away. He has far wealthier relatives in Miamecca.


Oh my! Y-you scared me there. Why, how did you come inside my farm? Not a thief or something, are you? What are you doing here?
Looking for someone? Why... no one has been by for a long time. W-well, there was this hug brutish guy... brown fur, evil yellow eyes...
W-why would you want to find some scary like that? W-well, not my business... If you're looking for him, head towards the village.
This is, you should, as soon as I fix this fence. No good Scamanders broke it last time they came to steal from my prize patch.

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