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Uggsul, the card enthusiast, features in not one, but two card games in Tyrannia! This wealthy usul is envious of Princess Fernypoo and her Cheat games, so she longs to be the GoGoGo Champion to stop Princess Fernypoo's boasting. When she isn't busy dealing cards in Tyranu Evavu or playing GoGoGo, Uggsul can be found preening her luscious locks.


Ugga ugg Tyranu Evavu
Uhhg Uuuuuuhhhhgggg!
Ugga ughh Grarrls!" The Usul stops to pull at her hair, then continues, sounding very concerned, "Ugga innocent Tyrannians ugga ugga ah-oog. Ooga ugga!

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Uggsul is an opponent in the game Go! Go! Go! and a card dealer in the game Tyranu Evavu!

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