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This Snorkle is a miner in the Mushroom Mines near the village of Terrasymol. When rumours about a giant Slorg in the mines spread, Gunble fled the mines, leaving his brother, Wenble, behind.


What? Do I look like a Symol to you? Of course not... My name is Gunble, I'm waiting for my pig-headed brother.
You see, a giant Slorg is taking over the glowing mushroom mines. But my brother, Wenble, didn't believe it.
Everyone else is gone, but he went back to "look around". Og boy, I sure hope that giant Slorg didn't eat him.
If you head into the mines, see if you can find him. I certainly wouldn't want to risk running into a giant Slorg!
I'll give you my Silver Mallet if you help my brother come back safely.

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