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Myncha brought the game of Go! Go! Go! to the people of Neopia after watching it being played by prehistoric Scorchios near the Volcano. Myncha is also the master of reconnaissance in the Council of Elders who helped defeat the Monoceraptor and save Tyrannia.


I'm heading back to the Town Hall with a report of an aerial assault against outlying villages to the north. Hurry and see what you can do to delay the force until I can send reinforcements!
Ugga ugg -- oh, you're my contact, good. My secret mission to Mystery Island has proven... fruitful. It appears that a Yurble there has stumbled across a dangerous phenomenon not unlike the huge piles of mysterious boulders that have been appearing here in Tyrannia. You'd better see what you can do to fix it, Agent 36.

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The Tyrannian Invasion started to take shape when Myncha discovered the evil creatures heading towards Tyrannia during a scouting mission.

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